1. Setup
  2. Airtable

Getting an API key

  • Navigate to your account page by clicking on your user icon on the top right of the homepage then clicking Account.

  • Under the API section, if you have not yet generated an API key, you will see a button that says Generate API Key. Click that button. If you already have an API key, do not change it because it can break any existing API integrations you have set up.

  • Copy the key that’s created and send it to Bracket via Slack. If you already have a key, copy the existing key.

NOTE: If you change your API key at any time, this will break syncing through Bracket.

Sending copy of Airtable base

  • Open the Airtable base holding the tab(s) you would like synced through Bracket
  • Click the down arrow to the right of the base name at the top of the page:
  • Click the three dots in the modal window that appears, then click Duplicate Base
  • In the duplicated base, delete any tabs you do not want to sync through Bracket. You can also delete all of the records, leaving just the field names.
  • Share the cleaned base copy with eng@usebracket.com with read-only permissions. This will prevent you from getting charged for additional users on your Airtable plan.