What is Bracket?
tl;dr: Bracket is the data pipeline between popular business tools and backend databases.
Basically, we help you remove data boundaries in your company. With Bracket, your nontechnical users can interact with data directly as if they were engineers, all in controlled, familiar environments.

Why you should keep using spreadsheets

In a world of a billion Saas tools, spreadsheets - infinitely malleable, deeply familiar - are still the go-to tool for most business users. Whether for ad hoc analyses or a company's entire CRM, spreadsheets have not only survived but evolved. We're no longer stuck with local Microsoft Excel files. We now have beautiful, feature-rich browser-based tools like Airtable and Notion.
Your business users are faster and happier using spreadsheets, and they reveal their preferences every time they click "export to CSV" in a dashboard or internal app.
We believe it's better to maximize spreadsheets than to replace them. For that to happen, they need better connectors.
We built Bracket because we spent months at former jobs trying to get data in siloed spreadsheets to match production data in large databases.

Getting Started

Got a few seconds? See how Bracket works:

Guides: Jump right in

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