The basics

Bracket enables you to set up fast, flexible one-way or two-way syncs between CRMs like Salesforce and databases like Postgres.

Bracket is designed for engineers, but is simple enough to use without a technical background.

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Integrations & support

Currently, Bracket supports the following integrations. To see each integration’s setup guide, FAQs, and limitations, click on the data source.

We support our users through whatever channel is most convenient for you: Slack, Discord, email, even text! You can request a private Slack or Discord group by emailing us @

Some notes on our philosophy

  1. We build what you want. Is Bracket 80% of the way to fulfilling your use case but missing one crucial feature or integration? Tell us and we’ll build it.
  2. We respond quickly and fix problems ASAP. Just ask our users.
  3. We’re here to build something we’re proud of. Some companies see users as a path to an exit; we see users as our sounding board for whether we’re building something valuable. We’re not just saying it: your honest feedback is invaluable to us.
  4. Talent is global. We met while working for startups in Turkey and Indonesia. We’re remote-first and our first hire was outside the US.
  5. Simplicity should not compromise power. We want Bracket to be so simple and intuitive a non-engineer could use it, while being powerful and flexible enough to accomodate the hackiest engineer.

Demo videos

Got a few seconds? See some of our demos below:

Salesforce x Postgres

Postgres x Google Sheets

Postgres x Airtable