Creating your connection URI

  1. Gather the following details for a user on your Postgres database:

    1. username (often postgres)
    2. password
    3. host
    4. port
    5. database
    6. schema
    7. table name
If you are starting with a full connection URI string, it should follow the format below:
Postgres Connection URI
  1. Enter the details above to the web app at

OPTIONAL: Creating a read only user on your database

Perform this step if you would like to give Bracket access through a dedicated account. Skip this step if you prefer to use an existing Postgres account during setup.
  1. Create a new user and password
Postgres User Creation
CREATE USER bracket WITH PASSWORD 'any_safe_password';
  1. Allow this new user to connect to the database
Postgres Connection Access
GRANT CONNECT ON DATABASE database_name TO bracket;
  1. Allow Usage on the schema (typically ‘public’)
Postgres Connection Access
GRANT USAGE ON SCHEMA schema_name TO bracket;
  1. Allow read access on a specific table
Postgres Connection Access
GRANT SELECT ON table_name TO bracket;