Google Sheets is currently in beta. Might be rough around the edges!

Setting up your Google Sheet

To sync Google Sheets using Bracket, there are three basic requirements:

  1. The field names must start at row 1. There can be no extra rows above the table.
  2. The field names must be unique across the table, even among fields that are not syncing.
  3. The sheet must have a primary key column that contains unique values.

Setting up your sync

  1. On the “New Connection” page, click “Connect new spreadsheets”. Enable Bracket permissions on the Google oauth page.

  2. Back on the Bracket web app, select the spreadsheet name and sheet title.

  3. Enter the name of the Google Sheet primary key. This field will uniquely identify rows in your sheet, and the values in this field should not be changed over time.

Bracket also supports syncs using dedicated Google service accounts. Ping us at if you prefer to connect using this method.