1. Setup
  2. MongoDB

Adding Bracket as a user

Go to Database Access

Click Add New User

  • Add a user with username bracket and an auto-generated password (blue box below). In the permissions section, select Read and write to any database in Built-in roles or define a custom role that allows read and write permission to the specific databases you want to connect with Bracket (red box below).
    • If you assign a custom role for Bracket, at the minimum it must include read and write access for the specific collection that is being synced.
  • Copy the username and password, which we’ll use in the next step.

Getting connection string URI

Go to the “Database Deployments” page in MongoDB by clicking “Database” on the left sidebar (see below).

Next to the name of the cluster you would like to connect with Bracket, click “Connect”.

Then click “Connect your application”.

Copy the connection string provided, then replace <username> and <password> with the username and password created for Bracket in the previous step. It should have the same format as this:

MongoDB Connection URI

Send Bracket the full URI in Slack or via our webapp at app.usebracket.com.

Whitelisting IP address

Navigate to “Network Access” on the lefthand sidebar.

  • Click “Add IP Address”.

  • In the “Whitelist Entry” field, type in “” The comment field is optional. Click “Confirm”.

Note that whitelisting as an IP address makes the database accessible from anywhere, but does not change the fact that access still requires a username and password generated by your database administrator.

Sharing Mongoose file for relevant collection(s)

  • Mongoose is an Object Data Modeling (ODM) library for MongoDB. It’s a helpful tool to understand the structure & schema of your MongoDB collections.

  • If you do not yet have it installed, follow the Quick Start guide. Ping us in Slack if you run into any issues :)

  • Once you have it installed and have defined your schema, share with the schema file with Bracket via Slack. It should look something like this: