Bracket offers two methods of syncing data with Salesforce: polling and streaming.

Currently, polling is available by default on the web app. Streaming is available through setup with the Bracket team. Reach out to to request access.

Read more about how Bracket syncs under polling and streaming.


Under polling, Bracket uses the Salesforce bulk API to seed and re-seed data. Otherwise, we ping the REST API at the cadence set in your sync.

For the different sync cadences, you can expect roughly the number of daily REST API requests below:

Every minute1,440 - 2,160


Under streaming, Bracket uses a combination of the Salesforce bulk API, REST API, and pub/sub API to detect and transact data changes.

Bracket uses the bulk API to seed and reseed data. We then use the pub/sub API to listen for events every 309 seconds, and make requests to the REST API when there’s either an event to sync or 10 minutes has passed since the last poll.

Here are the counts of REST API requests you can expect in a day with no changes vs. changes every second.

Number of changes in a dayRequests
Every second2880