While we recommend that you allow Bracket to build a table for you, here is a guide for using a table that you’ve created yourself

General requirements

  1. A unique identifier (we recommend snake case field names), and our default table generation creates a field called bracket_pkey.

  2. To be able to insert into postgres, you must have a default value. We recommend using the builtin function gen_random_uuid().

  3. In order to leverage the a more efficient polling mechanism where only recently updated/inserted records are polled, you must include a field that tracks when records were modified. When Bracket builds a base for you, we create a field called bracket_last_modified and add a trigger/function that updates that field’s value whenever the record is updated.

Here’s some default SQL that can help you get started:

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS schema_name.table_name (
    bracket_pkey UUID DEFAULT gen_random_uuid() primary key,
    bracket_last_modified TIMESTAMP DEFAULT NOW(),
    created_date TIMESTAMP DEFAULT NOW(),
    field_1 TEXT

Event driven requirements

Please see the requirements for the streaming sync methods here